Doublepitch roof lights

Doublepitch roof lights

Buildings with flat roofs that signal modernity and style purity is extremely popular these years. But just because your roof is flat, it does not necessarily mean that it must be simple and straightforward as well. By installing doublepitch roof lights you will give your home a completely different life and a unique natural light indoor.

With the doublepitch roof lights you get a roof system that is easy to clean thanks to the PVC frame. The installed skylight dome is silent, reducing the noise from both rain and hail, but also the overall noise from the outside. And it’s easy to install and does not require a large amount of advance work before installing them in the roof. By choosing doublepitch roof lights from Vitral you can control all windows from a control panel and plan when you want to experience the natural ventilation and get the fresh air into your home.

Doublepitch roof lights allow daylight to seep into every corner of your home, and gives a unique and beautiful light that far surpasses even the best ceiling lamp. Choose doublepitch roof lights and select quality, so you’re sure to be pleased with the outcome.


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