Doublepitch roof lights

Doublepitch roof lights

Vitral is the manufacturer of many kinds of solutions for skylight installations. From the classic and beautiful doublepitch roof lights that gives a unique light and can be supplied with optional automatic vent, to the many modern and intuitive doublepitch roof lights.


What doublepitch roof lights can do for your house

Doublepitch roof lights is good for deep spaces and hallways, where it provides the room with much more natural light that will lighten up the entire room and give it an entire new look. There can be created airing and ventilation systems ideal for all types of homes, holiday homes and institutions that have flat roofs.

Doublepitch roof lights is, however, ideal to ensure daylight in rooms where overhead lighting solutions are not an option. It can be in corridors and staircase areas that often seems very dark and don’t get a lot of natural light from the outside.

The modern doublepitch roof lights are perfect if you have large common areas in the home or in the office and more. The roof window modules from Vitral ensures optimal opportunities for fresh air and natural ventilation in the room, and will help you improve the value and look at your house.


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