Skylights as a window to the world

Skylights as a window to the world

I’m from a family in Jutland. Throughout my childhood we have lived in the country side and had more than a hundred fields. We even had a private forest and I loved to keep track of how the seasons and weather would change throughout the year. It was a bit like having a window to the world. In the yard we had glass windows and skylights in the living room, and I loved the feeling of always knowing how far the day had come and see how animals and plants went around on the many barrels of land, which I knew better as our backyard. That’s why it was also extra hard for me, as I was moving from home and without my superstition and my insight into a quiet world. I was thinking of our skylights every single day.

Better view with rooflights

I did not move so much, but because I wanted to pursue a career as an architect. I myself would be the one who could improve people’s lives and lives by letting them experience the benefits of skylights and rooflights. Unfortunately, there was not much money to do when I first started out. But I have some small rooflights in my apartment. I was sitting at the window and looking back at the rooflights at home and on the little deer animals who had surpassed with a gaze through the skylights. I imagined the little birds in the big city, I would not have enough courage to sit and look in from the rooflights.

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