Video endoscopy

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Video endoscopy

A full impression of the tank bottom will show all possible defects and malpractice so that they can be repaired. At TechCorr we prioritize reporting high when it comes to video endoscopy definition. Therefore, we always provide full reporting, for example, highlighting defects through the X & Y coordinate system.

A video endoscopy definition eliminates the cost of depletion of defective thought, and if you choose our solution, we perform an API 653 inspection in a few days. At the same time, our video endoscopy definition quality also helps reduce the environmental and safety risks caused by opening the tank or by internal manual inspection This way you avoid interruptions in normal service and can maintain the stable income.


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When the tank is in place, it is important to keep a high quality of the inspection quality of the tank. The video endoscopy definition process can take up to 10 years, but is crucial to maintaining the security and integrity of your storage tanks. A tank inspection with video endoscopy definition ensures that a safe working environment is maintained and that the environment maintains the requirements of the EEMUA 159 and API 653 regulations.

Video endoscopy

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