TechCorr Europe and TechnoSoft have joined forces to offer you the best videoendoscopy system of tanks available on the market. The technological process naturally follows the current API 650 and API 620 standards, while the system also supports a wide range of storage tanks.

By using a software that enables fast configuration, design and detailing of both prefabricated and mounted overground storage tanks, it is possible to set completely new standards in videoendoscopy inspection of the tank.


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It is the same technique we use when our 3D scanner can scan all or partial areas of redirection systems, using XYZ coordinates. Our videoendoscopy delivers a faster and more accurate result than any other software on the market. In a 2-5-minute scan time, we can compile fully detailed 3D illustrations of the scanned material.

Feel free to contact us at phone 5357 5353 or by e-mail, if you want to know more about our videoendoscopy, as well as other scanning solutions.


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